segunda-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2008

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here is some proposals to get things better for the start :

1. no armed (guns) policemen at protests (we re not terrorists, just citizens)

2. total equality in justice for politicians ... let see some behind bars at last... starting from... yday... for all these countless scandals!!!

3. our economy sucks and we must not get better wages ? ok!!!
but please check all these well paid "mechanisms" against profiteering...
cause they re getting bribed from big companies and we re the only european country with so small wages and so expensive cost of living (greek products are sold more expensive in greece than in the rest of the world).(700 euro wage ...400 for rent ... etc etc)... SO LOWER ALL THE PRICES !!!

4. stop all these rich managers(doing dirty deals) against the citizens... they are rich enough ... let poor people take a breath ... in all europe, banks have decreased their compound interests (in japan they zero it) but here no ... we can pay (haha)!!!

5. please do citizens a favour and just quit ... most of goverment guys you are useless!!!
you have reached this country to the cliff's edge ... ημαρτον!!!

6. stop economy exploitation ...for your favour ... as you do for so many years!!!
be a good example and lower your wages first ... you re not in the government for your own profit
but for the good of your country ... you "profesionals"!!!

7. no more money for malfunctioned submarines and aircrafts ...
spend a load more money for a new kind-more useful and more "student friendly" education...

im just a citizen and thats all i could think of... specialists must have a lot more and even more effective to propose

try with these ..and i bet ppl will stop protesting ... tommorow!!!


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